Choose Your Words And Control Your Destiny

(image by Nottingham Trent University used under creative commons license)

Your words are your reality. I have been reading about the power of the words people speak. These instructions they give their subconscious mind directs their activities and ultimately creates their reality. I have been paying close attention to the words I use when I am making statements. The idea boils down to expressing independence...
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When and How to “Give Back”

The Secret

Rhonda Byrne wrote of gratitude in her book “The Secret.” Byrne described gratitude as the fuel that propels your visualizations into your reality. The idea of gratitude is something that many people don’t think about regularly. If they did, they would feel more content with their lives and happy for what they have. When one can...
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I am the 99%

(David Shankbone, Creative Commons)

Its true, I am not in the richest 1% of Americans so I am officially part of the 99%! No shit right? In fact, I highly doubt that I have ever been in the presence of a member of the illusive 1%. So theoretically the Occupy Wall Street groups are speaking for me. The are making...
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Creative Problem Solving: Creative Thinking II

Thinking photo via Flickr by Victor Perez. Creative Commons License

This posting is the second in my Creative Thinking Series and follows “Sane People with Insane Ideas: Creative Thinking I”. In the first post, I discussed having the courage to allow yourself to think creatively....
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The Debt Ceiling and Gridlock in DC

Capitol Hill

The gridlock in Washington, DC right now is not just on the beltway. It seems so simple right? Just set a new debt ceiling and the country will get back to stagnating between disaster and...
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Sane People with Insane Ideas: Creative Thinking I

wright brothers

Humans cannot fly. Its an inarguable fact. In the present, its easy to name a few machines that can get us off the ground though. Can you imagine life in 1900? No Airplanes. No Helicopters....
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Steve Jobs – Evil, Genius or Evil Genius?

Apple Violet

Don’t ask me how I wound up delving into the investigation, but if you do some searches on the subject, “Steve Jobs Evil Genius” returns some very interesting results. Apparently I am not the...
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Immersed in the Business Traveler Subculture

business travelers (2)

As I write this I am somewhere between Austin and Cleveland and yes, I am completely immersed in the Business Traveler Subculture (BTS). Although my travel has ramped up lately, I really don’t have...
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Golf and Business

Golf and Business

Golf and business go hand in hand. People do business with other people that they like and not just companies. Therefore, it is imperative to let your potential new client get to know you...
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